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Starting on Your Own: Achieving Success in Staffing Agency Startup

Starting on Your Own: Achieving Success in Staffing Agency Startup

Starting your own staffing agency is one of the many ways you can stop being employed and start being your own boss. Depending on the setup of your company, you can even run your business from home. Startups require several things, however, regardless of the industry you are in. The right recruitment software is just one of them.

So, how do you start on the right track?


1.    Determine startup cost

Money will always play a vital role in any business and it is no different with a placement firm. In calculating the cost, make sure to include registration fees, lease space, office requirement and advertising budget. Do not forget to include the essential tools you will need for your business operation, especially recruitment manager software. The good news is a staffing agency does not really need a huge capital, and a micro loan would often suffice.


2.    Consult with an accountant

There are plenty of things an accountant can help you with and not just about money. So make sure to speak with one, before you apply for a small business loan or decide the type of company you want to register — sole trader, partnership or LLC.


3.    Get insurance

Public liability and business insurance can be likened to staffing software; your company is at risk without them. So make sure to get insurance and protect your business from any eventuality.


4.    Get down to specifics

Do you already have a business name? Are you done with the registration? Once you have taken care of these and you have the startup capital, it is time to set up shop. Find a place to work and deck it out with the necessary tools, supplies and equipment. Then, develop a business network both online and offline. Have a recruitment website made and then print and distribute fliers, business cards or brochures. Attend job fairs to find clients and employees at the same time.


Starting a placement firm is not easy, but definitely not impossible. With effort and dedication on your part, you can succeed. Having the right tools will also help you reach your goals. Before you take a leap, however, make sure that you are ready to take on the challenges ahead.

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Why It Matters to Keep Your Consultants Motivated and Happy in Their Work

Why It Matters to Keep Your Consultants Motivated and Happy in Their Work

You know for a fact that employees are the lifeline of your business. But what are you doing to keep them motivated and happy with their daily tasks that, most of the time, are repetitive? If you feel like your staff are going about their work like zombies, you must be doing something wrong. Worse, you probably are not doing anything to keep them engaged.


You see, it is very important for personnel to have the drive to wake up in the morning and come to work. Ensuring this can do wonders for your business.

Employee Retention

You know more than anyone else how expensive it is to train new employees. This is why you must ensure turnover would not be a threat that is constantly hovering over your head. So find out what else will keep staff happy and productive, apart from user-friendly recruitment software, great incentives and the like.

Higher Productivity

Employees singing a happy tune while working guarantee a productive day. Research showed that happiness makes people more productive by up to 12%. There is something about feeling good and positive that keeps the energy up and pushes people to do more in one working day. Combined with staffing software, a motivated and happy consultant will accomplish more.

Unified Workforce

When everyone in the company shares the same goals, a lot of things can be achieved. But a disgruntled staff could become the weakest link, the spark that could start a fire and burn everything in its path. This is why consultants should be nurtured, kept engaged and rewarded for a job well done. If everyone is on the same page, there will be a unified workforce.

How do you keep consultants happy?

It often goes beyond the money. If you have already provided the recruitment management software, office supplies and other tools that they need, invest on other areas of a consultant’s work life. Take a real interest in their growth, always show them they matter, and take time to listen.

Take it from Google. The company has invested in employee support more than anything else, which resulted in higher employee satisfaction. By taking the first step to keeping consultants engaged, you will succeed in your business endeavour.

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